The City of Combine Code of Ordinances are listed for your convenience.  The original book is kept at City Hall and can be viewed during normal business hours.  Updates to the Code will be made periodically. Click the link below to view.



 Chapter                                TITLE I:  GENERAL PROVISIONS

    10.     General Code Construction; General Penalty

                                              TITLE III:  ADMINISTRATION

    30.     General Provisions

   31.     Officials and Employees

   32.     City Organizations

   33.     Emergency Management

   34.     Tax and Finance

   35.     Police Department

                                                 TITLE V:  PUBLIC WORKS

    50.     Sewer Service

                                                TITLE VII:  TRAFFIC CODE

    70.     Traffic-Control Devices

   71.     Truck Traffic

   72.     Traffic Schedules

                                         TITLE IX:  GENERAL REGULATIONS

    90.     Animals

   91.     Burning

   92.     Abandoned Vehicles

   93.     Noise

   94.     Litter

   95.     Streets and Sidewalks

   96.     Public Nuisances

                                         TITLE XI:  BUSINESS REGULATIONS


110.     Junk/Wrecking Yards

111.     Solicitors and Peddlers

                                           TITLE XIII:  GENERAL OFFENSES

 130.     Weapons

                                                  TITLE XV:  LAND USAGE

 150.     Building Regulations

151.     Gravel Pits

152.     Mobile Homes/Trailers

153.     Subdivisions

154.     Zoning Code

                                           TABLE OF SPECIAL ORDINANCES


     I.     Annexations

    II.     Franchises

   III.     Miscellaneous

   IV.     Rezoning

                                                  PARALLEL REFERENCES

 References to Texas Codes

                                                    References to Ordinances